1. Andy May - Frontside air - Bromley - Aug 2014


  2. Tom Payne - Ollie from the large blue acid drop that used to be at Bromley South - late 1980’s - photo courtesy of Andy May


  3. Chris Nash - rock n roll on the bromley skate park quarter pipe - Aug 2014


  4. Dan Modi - backside boneless - Bromley South 1980’s - photo courtesy of Andy May


  5. Andy May - miller flip - Bromley skate park - Aug 2014


  6. Chris Nash - feeble fakie - Bromley skate park - August 2014


  7. Sometime in the late 1980s the construction of Nick Smith’s Bromley Ramp - still the best ramp to have skated in Bromley - photo courtesy of Andy May


  8. Some of the boards available in Skate City Bromley in the late 1980s - photo courtesy of Andy May


  9. Was awesome to have a visit from our old friend Andy May and get a skate in - from left to right: myself, Andy May Jon Laidlow, Chris Nash - Aug 2014

    - photo by Sam Gill Perez

  10. Andy May - ollie at Bromley South - late 1980’s


  11. Here are some of the BSP skaters at a guess around 1987. This place was known as the skate hut and was where the 1st of the make shift mini-ramps were built - To name a few faces: Brian O’Halloran, Jon Laidlow, Si Edwards, Andy Dale, Trevor, Adam, Scott, Tony, Gary Picardo.


  12. Oz Artini - street grab - Bromley suburbs - May 2014


  13. withsection getting the filming angles for the Darius Trabalza ollie over the plant gap - June 2014


  14. Darius Trabalza - ollie the plant gap - Bromley Jun 2014


  15. Dan Kreitem - wallie to road sequence - Bromley Jun 2014